The seminars are designed to help the participants develop a fast and profound understanding of the most commonly used production processes for crystalline silicon solar cells. Among others, technologies like wet chemical texturing, diffusion processes, antireflection coatings and metallisation and their respective properties and challenges are discussed.

Combining theoretical training with hands-on experience in our seminars the participants will be able to quickly understand complex topics. Theoretical classes are complemented by a fabrication of crystalline solar cells in the laboratories of the University of Konstanz. Finally, the processed solar cells are characterised and loss mechanisms will be discussed in detail.

If desired the contents of the seminar can be tailored individually and adapted to best suit the needs of our customers.

Every participant obtains a handout of more than 400 pages, which reflects the training contents and contains additional information. This enables a later recapitulation of the training contents and is considered as a work of reference.

In addition a certificate of participation is passed to every participant.

An exemplary time schedule for a one week seminar in the training classroom and labs of the Photovoltaic division of the University of Konstanz can be found below.